Mar 10, 2021
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Fast rollout of AI-powered creative management platform used by Nestlé, Adidas & Uber

4-6 months
United Kingdom, London
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Ad-Lib was looking to develop a creative management platform for digital advertising, which would automate, improve, and lower the cost of ad creative production. The idea was to automate all aspects of visual assets production, including cross-channel, cross-format, and cross-location production. Ad-Lib previously collaborated with a vendor but was unhappy with the solution development. The MVP that Ad-Lib had was in a very fragile state: Any changes to the code caused the support side to break.


Xenoss ensured a painless transition from the previous vendor without business interruption. In a very limited timeframe and with minimal business losses to the client, they transformed a fragile MVP into an operable solution. Xenoss team built a scalable infrastructure which eventually helped the product manage high load and prevent a spike in operational costs. Xenoss team employed AI models that automatically identified attention catchers in images and cropped them for cross-channel distribution. They also added prediction algorithms that determined the effectiveness of particular digital assets. To include video support for ad creatives, Xenoss added a computer vision module that analyzes every single frame of a video and automatically crops the video.


Xenoss transformed a low-quality MVP from the previous vendor into a working market-ready MVP in the record time of just 4 months. The well-balanced MVP let the client onboard big-name brands such as Tesco, Adidas, Nestlé, Johnson & Johnson, Uber, and served as a solid basis for further product growth. The employment of AI models for automatic cropping and resizing increased the creative production speed by 75%. On average, the platform decreases the production cost of global ad campaigns for brands by 2.5 times.