Aug 31, 2022
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College Fit Finder Redesign Case Study

College Fit Finder Redesign Case Study

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United States, Orlando
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The College Fit Finder founder is a graphic designer and was itching for a mobile-first UX redesign. The software platform needed to scale up to keep up with projected user growth and planned feature that will drive daily usage per user. Delivery is required to be time-based instead of feature-based. Additional business models including advertising and white labeling needed to be added. Competitors are running on Android and iOS mobile apps.


XeoDev knew that we wanted to build on a modern framework and chose Laravel because of all the built-in features. We also chose Vue.js as the front-end framework as it is natively integrated into Laravel. The next step was to implement the design language in a highly reusable manner within the framework. This new coding stack for our developers was a significant portion of our problem-solving case studies with solutions. The website utilizes theming for many aspects including the colors of colleges and clubs as well as having custom logos for each. As you flip through colleges the UX changes to the school colors.


The key metric for this redesign is that the sales team can now do a full demo in 5 minutes instead of needing over 30 minutes on the old system. Because it is so modular and every page uses that simplified design language, new areas of the website are very easy to pick up once you learn the first area. An unexpected outcome was the vastly improved reach for marketing and feature messaging when sent directly to the site users vs going through the club management. Changes to facilitate this will be rolled out later this year. I hope you found this helpful it is one of our best case study examples. Please return to our case study finder and read another one.