Feb 24, 2022
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SAFI - Military Grade Stealth Messenger

4-6 months
United States
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Cybercriminals are always on the prowl in the recent era, looking for weak links to break and crack, and corporate communication and its agility have been put to the test. For IT administrators, this is a tricky situation because it quickly became apparent that many communication tools do not cover the topic of data security and GDPR. With this in mind, Komlan's Squealock team connected us to develop a hybrid messenger platform with military-grade security that ensures data is only shared between the sender and receiver alone. Furthermore, no third party is allowed to access the information.


XevenSolutions expert team developed a high-level architecture design. It defined the components to be created, the development tools that would best answer the project needs, and the advanced encryption standard. Thanks to the extensive experience in mobile development and telecom application development with the recent successful projects, our development team understood how application security should be achieved.


Our developer used AES 256 technology to ensure secure data transmission in encrypting files and messages. In this messenger app, "Safi", XevenSolutions brought together the best-of-breed features while making it a sophisticated system that enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images, and documents). The XevenSolutions software engineers developed the messenger with the highest security and data encryption levels. In addition, the scope of work made for this project allowed our development team to claim that they've gained additional expertise in working on embedded technology based on Android and ios that have currently 200k happy users in the US market.