Jul 22, 2021
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Pipeline: the game that delivers

Pipeline: the game that delivers

2-3 months
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Eficode, an important player in the DevOps ecosystem, wanted to create a digital version of Pipeline, an original card game. Pipeline is a quick and fun way to explore alternatives for Continuous Delivery without actually building anything. The players, working in small groups, design a pipeline for a given scenario and optimize the deployment lead time, discussing what steps are needed and in which order. The goal of the digital Pipeline is to enable sessions with distributed teams during the pandemic and beyond, while preserving the experience and the formative value of in-person events.


We started by designing the UI and UX of the new digital game, blending the experience of the physical game with the interactions proper to the digital environment. Then, we developed a React Single Page Application. We used Firestore and Firebase real-time database to enable the real-time game collaboration and a smooth multiplayer experience. We structured the code base with a monorepo approach to enhance reusability and implement CI and CD for the whole platform. Eficode and xtream decided to make the codebase open-source to share their effort with other developers.


The first, challenging test for the application was its showcase during the largest DevOps conference in Europe. The app was capable of scaling seamlessly, and both UI and UX got stellar feedbacks by the players. Moreover, much to Eficode's delight, the infrastructure cost of the app remained zero after tens of games were played The app is currently online and free to play. If you want to have a test flight, you can do it right now!
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Pipeline: the game that delivers