Jul 19, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
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1. The initial relationship between Knowable and zen8labs was solely based on impression and without a foundation of trust 2. Due to their premium courses, Knowable had excess requirements for platform and software quality 3. The technical approach needed to be affordable with high quality due to limited resources and budget 4. We collaborated remotely with the gap of timezone with a fast pace


1. We built trust by showing up our knowledge and skills, and providing Knowable with references from our clients and ex-colleagues 2. Showed up the skills during the collaboration 3. Considered Knowable's problems ours and discussed with Knowable the priority during each period 4. We took care of technical things to keep Knowable focus on the big picture, like business strategy 5. We set up a collaboration methodology to overcome the gap of the timezone


1. Knowable was growing 100% YoY in terms of users, no downtime service 2. The app received hundreds thousands of downloads, zero-crash, and 4.7 rating stars overall o both AppStore and Google Play 3. After 2 years, the startup was acquired by Medium - the largest global blogging platform Winning points: - Build trust - Collaboration - Separate but align responsibilities, business and technologies - User-centric and customer-first