Jul 19, 2023
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Rose Villa - Saigon

Rose Villa - Saigon

2-3 months
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1. The open-minded requirements: Rose Villa Saigon knew they needed a mobile app but didn't have a clear idea about its functionalities and usabilities 2. The standards set by individuals with eclectic and rich cultural backgrounds are remarkably high and often inaccessible to the general public 3. Timeliness is crucial: Rose Villa Saigon found us just three months prior to its grand opening. We needed to meet the deadline without compromising quality


1. We learned through documentaries, videos, books, and magazines...about the art, the class and the private club model 2. We stayed at Rose Villa Saigon at different corners, different views, and different chairs..in the daylight and night, sunny and rainy days, to get the concept 3. We experienced other 5-star places to see the standards and the differences from Rose Villa Saigon 4. We built three proposals from three different designers who have gone through the process above. War-room welcomed them to come up with the final proposal.


1. Be the best software that Rose Villa Saigon has invested 2. Convinced the club's members, who are the richest people in Vietnam, elite class. Some members felt attracted and asked zen8labs to build others for their business. Winning points: - Forget the software to build an amazing software - Fast learning - Experience is better than theory