Jul 19, 2023
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Vinmec International Hospital website and app

Vinmec International Hospital website and app

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1. Vinmec has a rough idea, but they were open for good consultancy - which means the requirements aren't concrete 2. Vinmec aims to breakthrough in short-term 3. The existing system is very closed. That's difficult to integrate with others 4. Data privacy is crucial and always on top priority. However, the service needs to be ready at any touchpoint with customers 5. The transformation strategy needs to be clear, but the plan needs to be flexible due to other factors


1. Build a clear customer journey and structure digital services with Vinmec's mission at each touchpoint throughout the entire journey 2. Redesign the website to increase conversion rate and develop an SEO strategy to open a sale funnel 3. Build the MyVinmec app to engage customers, as well as open up another sale channel with useful tools such as Ask a Doctor, Pregnant, Family records... 4. Build an eco-system with other services like songkhoe, doctor referral which are integrated into a single platform


1. Website was growing 30% YoY, is in top 50 highest traffic sites in Vietnam, #1 in Healthcare category; becomes a big sales channel of Vinmec 2. MyVinmec is a super app being used by hundreds thousands of people, 4.9-4.9 rating stars on both AppStore and Google Play 3. Other products like songkhoe, doctor referrals, are loved by thousands people and bring big revenue 4. Open up business opportunities like telehealth, referrals Winning points: - User-centric strategy - Excellent product design - Excellent technical hands-on