Feb 15, 2024
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 Driving Retail Digital Transformation for Pandora

Driving Retail Digital Transformation for Pandora

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Pandora needed to find a solution that would help to: - Reduce latency and increase data accuracy - Increase scalability - Eliminate data duplication and usage of extra memory and processing resources - Reduce maintenance costs and complexity - Make the efficiency and correctness of data exchange more trackable - Eliminate operational and analytical data discrepancies.


Having analyzed the main technological challenges and keeping a new vision in mind, the Zoolatech team developed a platform called Nexus. Nexus is a custom cloud-based integration hub based on EDA and Apache Kafka. It connects producers and consumers of real time data and facilitates the data exchange between them. The conceptual approach of the data exchange between different systems is based on business events. A business event comprises a data object and a real-time notification about something important that has happened (e.g., B2B order created: the notification about the order creation and the details of the order).


The product created a digital foundation for integrating all business processes and operating in a digital manner end-to end. It helps our partner to: Ensure seamless integration between multiple Pandora’s systems, making data exchange between them fast, efficient, and accurate Decrease latency from 36 hours to milliseconds and improve data accuracy Unlock the value of real-time data analytics and provide visibility into all business process Build a solid foundation for Advanced Data Analytics and AI Provide customers with omnichannel user experience Increase fault-tolerance Enable more efficient logistics and transportation management Ensure future-proof scalability Reduce maintenance costs and complexity
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 Driving Retail Digital Transformation for Pandora