In this progressive world, a well-designed website with all the elements in place greatly impacts the organization's overall success. Therefore, it is important to put the user experience as a priority to emerge as a massive success. Furthermore, with time, SEO-friendly web designs are taking over the market and driving more traffic to the site. Therefore, the website designers and the SEO experts must make thoughtful decisions so that the overall design and user experience work outstandingly.

It is tricky to crack the website design planning. Still, it requires the use of prevailing tools and technologies in amalgamation with thoughtful efforts to rank better on the popular search engines. In the absence of this, even the companies with exceptional planning in other aspects end up wasting their time and funds. Therefore, it is advised to plan and strike that correct balance in designing a perfect website for the users and rank better.

Here, we have created a complete guide including all the important measures to understand the same thoroughly.

1. Secure your site with SSL

Security is one of the concerns surfacing in recent times more than ever. This impacts the rapport of the eCommerce store among the users and affects SEO as well. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to work on it effectively with the help of tools like SSL certificates. Such certificates are available in several types and forms and require information in plenty to employ them appropriately. Wildcard SSL is one such example that has successfully helped several companies in effectively fixing the security aspect. With the help of wildcard SSL certificates, you can secure your multiple sub-domains. SSL certificates work on HTTPS protocol and guard the websites, strongly keeping the cyber attackers on edge. Furthermore, they encrypt the in-transit information between the web browser and the client-server. This effectively keeps out sniffing and phishing attacks. 

2. Websites should be centered around customers

Let’s accept that customers are the priority for every business. There’s no better way to win their trust than providing them with a platform that effectively takes care of their eCommerce-based needs. Attracting the customers may be tricky, but all you need to do is figure out the elements you can integrate to make them feel special and give that out-of-the-world experience. In this way, you should evaluate the needs of the users and keep yourself in their shoes. Understanding user psychology can be beneficial in this regard, and an appealing website can do wonders in the world of competition. 

3. Use of appropriate images

SEO-friendly website design guidelines are incomplete without appropriate images on the website. Traditionally, the customers could visit the stores, but it is impossible to practice the same with this model. Thus, the images help them to make decisions regarding the purchase. SEO is highly affected by the quality and appropriateness of the images. It helps in amplifying the engagement in less time. Images should also be placed properly for the viewers to make use out of them. Sizing should be done accordingly as well.

4. Proper website structure

Site structure is another parameter to be paid attention to win users' trust. The site should be designed flexibly, keeping in view the needs of the users. Links should not be broken, and it needs a regular checkup to keep them in place. It is seen that the popular search engines lower down the ranking of the websites with multiple broken links as it is considered non-friendly to the users. The site should have a highly appealing structure that should successfully convince the users to opt for a particular eCommerce website. Site structure should be planned to provide the ease to access the various features of the website in a lucid form.

5. Good quality content

For a long-term existence in the market and scoring good SEO, your content must be really attractive. Low-quality content does not attract the users and results in downgrading the website in general. The content should be appropriately planned, positioned properly, well written, and technically sound. Avoid using vague phrases and try adding facts that users find interesting. Explain all the aspects and thoroughly describe your idea through your website. It should be accurate, clear, and precise. Content planned in such a manner brings success to the website in a short duration.

6: Focus on the keywords

Keywords play a very important role in scoring a good SEO. To drive more traffic to your website and make it more engaging for the users, try to use the required keywords. This will help attract users, and you can achieve all this with the help of some research in the field. You should know keywords in demand and act accordingly to invite success. Long-tail keywords are used by most websites today, and it helps the websites achieve the desired goal.

7. Mobile-friendly approach 

Apart from the measures mentioned above, SEO friendly web design should be created to keep in view the mobile users. Today, the number of mobile users is far more than the number of users in the past few years. It is usually seen that the users visit a particular website mostly through their phones and thus should be given full attention. In this way, to drive business through them, you need to work hard to meet their expectations. It is required to give due attention to their needs and wants to get the best for them and ensure overall success.

8. Quick Loading speed

The speed of the page is another but one of the most important aspects that influence SEO. It is seen that the users approach several pages at the same time. It is seen that most of the time, the one with the maximum loading speed gets their attention successfully. Users today are far more impatient and need quick results. It is, therefore, the need of the hour to keep the content limited with high page speed. 


The website occupies a central position in the digital marketing world. You must play it right when it comes to attracting users. Ignoring the user experience and SEO can ruin your website game no matter how attractive the website looks. Through the help of measures like ensuring security, high page loading speed, keywords usage can bring positive results on the overall effort that you put into achieving success in the market. With this piece, the art of integrating the website design and SEO can be achieved if employed thoughtfully. It is thereby important to be forearmed for further challenges in the field. 

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Best Guide to Design a Perfect Website for Customers and Search Engines