Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing business practices and transforming industries all over. It is also turning how organizational leaders handle structural issues in their companies.

Statista reveals McKinsey Analytics. It states that in the media sector alone, AI is projected to add 300 billion to the sales and marketing industrial sector.

Furthermore, the corporate finance division of the media section is expected to cultivate 99 billion dollars in the years ahead as an additional value from AI.

PR and marketing form part of the media industries. From the look of things, many areas across the media industry will benefit hugely from Artificial intelligence. 

Take the example of the strong AI system. It aims to generate intelligent machines that are identical to the human mind. 

They seek to fully imitate human thoughts and cognitive abilities by executing a wide range of organizational functions. 

These are techniques that will work out to solve issues faster for the PR and marketing workforces. 

Strong AI systems can analyze new information and give output that is beyond the input data limitations.

It’s evident that AI is already helping the PR and marketing departments execute more routine tasks. 

It works to complete departmental research, gathers media lists, and distributes press releases, amongst many other tasks.

PR and marketing specialists can now focus more on creative thinking and the execution of valuable tasks. 

Let’s see below in detail how AI is transforming PR and marketing.

Brings in Cost-Effective Achievements

With the use of artificial intelligence to achieve tasks, organizations can do away with additional expenditures used in PR and marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Therefore, it becomes easier to realize cost reduction measures by working quickly and efficiently, with increased organizational revenues.

Bear in mind that when your organization spends too much time and money to get things done, it may take longer to attain the needed results. 

AI can help you reduce the time needed to achieve the everyday tasks done by your staff members. Most importantly, it helps minimize potential errors. 

Also, the costs for hiring more employees can be cut down significantly while maximizing available talents to do the more valuable tasks. 

Indeed, the increase of AI in talent acquisition is apparent. This is especially evident amongst companies that prioritize the quality of their workforce’s diversity and productivity. 

This explains why AI and sophisticated machine-learning technologies have reduced the time-consuming and costly recruitment task of screening candidates.

For example, in departments like PR and marketing, employers can use ai talent acquisition to retain only a few competent staff, well-suited for the organization.  

The talent acquisition platform can also benefit the human resources and managerial to gain:

  • A broad understanding of the workforce capabilities 
  • A deep understanding of each individual’s skills and abilities
  • A demonstrated learnability to offer solid orientation to talent strategy.

In short, AI changes your organizational game by allowing you to work with a small number of competent workforce. You can grow and nurture this capable team that enables you to work more efficiently and achieve goals faster.

Increases Return On Investment (ROI) Through customer Focus

The effect of AI in PR and marketing can be huge. Perhaps you may not know that 76% of customers assume that companies already know their needs and will meet them appropriately. 

AI enables marketers to understand their clients’ behaviors profoundly and know the appropriate actions to take. Thus, they can direct the right strategy to the right client timely and effectively.

AI marketing also enables quick decision-making among marketers. It offers them a vast amount of marketing data analytics from websites, emails, and social media sites in a relatively faster time. 

With AI-powered marketing tools, marketers can formulate a predictive customer analysis. They can also design more targeted and customized strategies that boost ROI on individual customer contact.

Therefore, AI allows marketers to gain deeper customer insights and understand better how to group them based on particular needs.

Analyzing customer insights and understanding their needs enables marketers to maximize ROI. As a result, they minimize wasted budgets spent on fruitless efforts. 

Public relations officers (PROs) can also avoid wasting time on mind-boggling PR campaigns that may irritate customers and still bear no results.

Examples of AI-Powered marketing tools include:

  • Astro- This is a smart, AI email marketing management tool that enables you to attain faster and maximum results from your email marketing. 
  • Clara- This is an assistant tool used by most companies to schedule, reschedule, and follow- up on meetings. 
  • ActionIQ- This is a cross-channel data management tool that companies use to add centralized insights into their branding and marketing strategies.

Directs Human Effort to More Innovative Tasks

The experts for Harvard Business Review now agree that Artificial Intelligence comes in to help the human labor force. 

It will benefit the PR and marketing employees by releasing them from the ordinary daily tasks.  

In return, they can focus more on innovation and creativity, which essentially is what these industries are all about.

These experts say that employers in industries like PR should take advantage of incredible technologies like AI. 

They should introduce cognitive computing solutions not just to reduce the number of employees. 

Instead, they should implement it to allow their workforce to engage on bigger challenges and have more organizational impact than ever before. 

For example, a Japanese Insurance Company recently talked about introducing the IBM Watson Explorer. They say that IBM will replace 34 insurance workers. 

The AI will quickly scan every hospital record to establish insurance payouts. It will also consider things like patients’ medical histories and procedures involved for each patient. 

Thus, the automated research and data collection will allow the remaining human workforce to process the final documents and payouts faster.

The head of Holtz Communication says that well-executed PR (internal and external) will be crucial as companies refurbish their organizational duties.

Many PR and marketing companies will be taking such bold steps by allowing AI machines to execute tasks for their companies. 

Look at companies like the Associated Press (AP) and the Orlando Magic. They use Artificial Intelligence to generate numerous pieces of content from their data, which they say is thousands of times faster and better than human effort.

For example, the Associated Press utilizes Automated Insights to write earning reports from data automatically. As a result, they free up their reporters to carry out the higher-value tasks.

On the other hand, the Orlando Magic use AI to generate personalized emails that heighten fan engagement. The same AI technology is used to:

  • Compose product descriptions
  • Automate internal reports
  • Create appealing online content
  • Nurture and convert potential prospects 

Key Takeaways

Artificial Intelligence is now setting the pace in the PR and Marketing corporate sectors. 

The norm has always been that the organizational task force must work hard to complete tasks like developing marketing reports and distributing PR news releases. 

However, AI is now taking over most of these functions. From the look of things, intelligent chatbots might even take up a significant role in media relations. 

Therefore, organizations should allow these intelligent machines to work productively for them and realize goals faster.

Employers can then focus on enhancing the skills and talents of the competent workforce. In return, the team can accomplish other creative and valuable tasks that enable the faster realization of returns on investment.   

Experts advise that you don’t have to fear that these sophisticated machines are here to replace you. Instead, strive to better those skills that depend on innovations and creativity – These are skills that machines cannot replace.

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Dan Martin
Digital Marketing Manager
Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.

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How AI is Transforming PR and Marketing