No one knows when the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Scientists are really working hard to develop a vaccine for it, but the rumors, I don’t know right or wrong, forces people to think a thousand times before taking the first dose. And now scientists declare that we need to survive with the corona. Businesses and the growth of the economy hurts due to the complete lockdown situation, but now it is not possible for the corporate world to bear more loss. Thus, it is time to think and implement the strategies to be implemented while reopening the working premises and business process for a post-pandemic situation. 

What Are the Ways to Prepare Your Business for a Post-pandemic Situation?

Actionable planning is essential for surviving in the worst situation, and re-opening the working premises and setting back again into new normal life is quite challenging and risky for the health of employees and the whole firm. Following are the tips for creating a plan for a business to bounce back after the COVID crisis. 

Plan For Tomorrow’s Success 

Think twice about re-opening a business and calling employees for a new normal working life. Be ready with actionable planning, budgeting, and strategies to boost employees’ productivity, and consider the following;  

Customer Demand

Do a complete analysis study report of the demand of the customers, whether it increases, decreases, or remains steady after pandemic and before it. If the demand increases, then it is good for the business, but what about if the demand decreases? In this situation, you need to take the necessary steps to expand your business. 

Working Environment 

Daily sanitization of the working premises, social distancing in the workplace, etc., are essential because employee’s health matters. If some of them still want to work remotely, allow them but with some terms and conditions. Because it might affect their family’s health; thus, create a policy about flexible working schedules. 

Supplier Issues 

It may happen that suppliers are not able to deliver your order of raw-material or anything in time due to partial lockdown or curfew. Pre-planning for when to order? How to order? Where to order? It is also essential to plan. 

Delivery Issues 

Most businesses are taking online orders of the customer during the pandemic. That’s why thinking about how to deliver a product timely to the users is also needed to re-planning after re-opening the business. 

Prepare the growth report of the business, including the pre-pandemic situation and post-crisis situation, and prepare a solid plan for a better future for the company. After planning, the next step of a successful strategy is budgeting. And the last step is to formulate a strategy that helps to gear up the growth of an organization, but keep in mind that employee health must be the primary rule of a new approach, which improves their performance, happiness, and productivity, and simultaneously increases the profitability of the business.  

Be Prepared For Each Situation

Prepare your company to survive and thrive the business during the pandemic situation. Make your business flexible enough to handle the worst case. Consider the following points; 

  • Your business must be ready to allow employees to work from home permanently or temporarily, whichever is demanded by the workforce.
  • Must be ready with updated technological and automated tools to connect remote workers effectively.
  • Invest in the right technology, i.e., artificial intelligence and cloud-based software, which helps businesses secure confidential data. 
  • Covert rigid working hours into flexible ones.
  • Divide working hours into small shifts or allow employees to do their work as a part-time job. 
  • Reduce or restructure office hours according to employees’ demands, and etc. 

Your business must be ready to accept the above changes and yet grow as the owner wants. The simple thing I want to explain to you is, employees are the tangible assets of the business; thus, during the pandemic situation as an employer, you must have to be result-centric instead of process-centric. 

Invest In The Right Technology 

Choosing the right technology that reduces the workload of both employees and employers and allows them to complete their task effectively with doing less. Below listed are the reasons for investing in the technology in the pandemic to survive the business in the highly competitive corporate world. 

To Gain Competitive Advantage 

The right technology helps the company to gain a competitive advantage by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the business. Following are some examples of competitive advantage; 

  • Choose a perfect geographical location of a firm where you can get necessary natural, and other resources and workforce also can easily reach the place. 
  • Try to sell your product effectively but at a cheaper rate than your rivals, for that introduces efficient automated tools to get lower manufacturing price.
  • Focus on the targeted market only.   

Business Agility 

A technological revolution replaces the complex and rigid working structure and allows employees to work smartly rather than shabbily. With lesser efforts, it helps them to complete their task effectively. It also assists them in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and employee-employer relationships. 

Boost Employee Morale 

It is essential to boost employee morale to improve their performance. The happiness of the workforce means a more productive working environment. Automated AI-based tools help employees to perform their job effectively, that increases their morale. 

Workforce Efficiency And Productivity 

It is essential to improve employee’s performance and calculate their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) timely. Because employee productivity directly affects the profitability of the firm. Technological tools reduce their workload and increase their efficiency. 

Safety And Security 

Technological tools guaranteed the safety and security of confidential data. It saves each file into the cloud and keeps it until the concerned authority deletes that document from the central computer. 

Nurture Company Culture And Self-care 

After reopening the working premises, it is essential for the human resource department of the company to watch over employees’ wellbeing and their safety from COVID-19 transmission. In this paperless era, business uses AI-based automated technology for internal communication, reporting, etc. It is one of the best ways to maintain social distancing within the organization and implement the Section-144 rule provided by the CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code).  

Open Company When You Are Ready!

If your business is ready with sufficient technical tools and prepared to accept changes, then only reopen the working premises and call your employee for a new-normal working life. Ask yourself the following question to survive your after COVID-19 pandemic; 

In Which Position Your Firm Stands Before And After Crisis?

You just have to analyze the growth of the business before and after the COVID-19 lockdown situation. It is but natural that after the crisis, the firm’s profitability went down, but you have to take the necessary steps to revive your business in your new normal life. 

What Are The Plans For Reviving Your Business In The Market? 

Pre-planning is a must while thinking about re-opening the working premises after the pandemic. Employees’ health and safety, working culture, sanitization of the workplace, maintaining social distancing, improving employee’s performance, etc., are the terms that need pre-planning; otherwise, it affects an organization worst.

How Will You Change Working Policy? 

It may happen that employees may not accept the change in working policy quickly. But as we know about this critical situation of COVID-19, it is essential for the human resource manager to make some amendments to rigid working policy and implement the same as a protective rule for employees after re-opening the working premises.  

Summing Up 

Safety measures are essential after reopening the business; on the other hand, improving employee’s performance is also important. But nothing is more than employee’s health and safety. That’s why it is essential to create a full-proof business planning for a post-pandemic situation, which increases the productivity of the employees and simultaneously boosts the profitability of the business.

Sweta Sharma
Content Strategist
Sweta is an experienced content strategist at FactoHR, having a keen interest in communication and the latest trends that are useful to entrepreneurs. Her passion for learning aids team members to represent new ideas that later help businesses to achieve their mission and vision.

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How to Formulate Your Business Processes for a Post-pandemic Situation