Instagram has approximately 500 million daily users who use the Like button 4.2 billion times per day on average. Those figures appear to be positive for a company aiming to increase likes and engagement. 

But the issue isn't gaining likes; it's getting enough likes to increase your visibility, resulting in more people engaging with, following, and investing in your brand. Instagram influencers are well-known for making a lot of money. If you've ever gone through the app, you know that gaining likes isn't as easy as it appears. 

Instagram is not just about posting a picture with an amusing caption. If you truly want to increase your Instagram likes, you need to have a solid plan. If you're looking for tips and tricks to attract more Instagram likes, you've come to the right place. 

In this article, we'll go over all you need to know about increasing your Instagram likes and interactions.

1. Good Quality Photos

Every day, Instagram receives around 95 million posts. You're going head to head with other brands, influencers, and your followers' friends and family every time you post. To be noticed, your content must halt users in their tracks. This means no photos that are fuzzy, pixilated, or poorly lighted. The vast majority of photo editing tools are free, and learning how to use them is simple.

  • Snapseed is a free picture editing program with a lot of features. For photo repair, turning, and many other functions, there are a variety of filters and settings.
  • MOLDIV is yet another excellent free Instagram post-editing software. It's notable for being appropriate for both amateur and professional photographers.
  • Prisma is one of the most widely used picture editing programs on the market today. Its essence is the employment of numerous photo effects to add brightness and individuality to the images.
  • Perfect365 is an all-in-one photo retouching application. You can also use it to "apply cosmetics." This app is rumored to be used by Hollywood celebrities.
  • BeFunky is an incredible software that, with a single click, you can turn any photo into your favorite kind of drawing. It offers a variety of styles and modern graphic novel effects.

2. Post at the Right Time

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You should post when your target audience is most active on Instagram to give your content the best chance of reaching them. When you post photos at the proper moment, you'll acquire more likes and followers on Instagram. 

On Monday, Instagram had the highest number of active users. On weekdays, activity is nearly unchanged. On Saturday, there is less user activity. Here are some suggestions for making the most of your posting time:

Publish posts frequently, but not hourly, or your followers will rapidly become bored. On average, 4-5 postings each week will be enough, although this can vary depending on the topic.

  • Consider the sequence as well as the quality of the photos you'll be uploading. Posting first-rate photos help to have better performance and engagement value. Download SMMplanner, a free program, if you don't always have enough time to upload a photo. It will assist you in planning posts ahead of time and publishing them at a certain time.
  • Make it a practice to upload images and videos throughout the day rather than late at night. The most active period for Instagram subscribers is in the evening, between 18.00 and 22.00.
  • After you've posted a photo, remain active on Instagram. Reply to questions and comments.

3. Use Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags have a lot of clout. They're a terrific way to connect with potential followers and customers, and if you're a local business, you can even utilize focused local hashtags to connect with customers in your immediate area. 

Use a variety of hashtags that are applicable but not too precise. While staying on top of trends and renowned hashtags is important, don't use them if they aren't related to what you're posting, your business, or your niche. 

Using hashtags that aren't connected to your content may increase the number of people who see your post, but it doesn't mean they're your target audience. 

We also advocate including hashtags in your Instagram profile to help people find you in searches and build brand awareness. Because your bio isn't traceable, using hashtags is a great way to spread the word about what you're all about.

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most famous Instagram marketing techniques, and it's just getting more popular day by day. They allow brands and influencers to be more transparent and honest. This famous Instagram content does not necessitate video production. 

You can add music to your stories now, and also mark Stories that you want to remain available for longer than the regular 24-hour period. If you find yourself answering the same queries from followers on a regular basis, or if you want to showcase user-generated content or post promotions, this is a great option.

5. More Video Content

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In the midst of endless static images in cluttered Instagram feeds, video is very fascinating. We encourage you to publish more video content, especially non-audio stuff. 

On Instagram, how-to videos are extremely popular. It's critical to include subtitles for people who don't listen to the audio while scrolling (and there are a lot of them). Captions are also wonderful for accessibility, which is becoming a hallmark of brands and influencers who produce content for reasons other than improved sales.

6. Write Unique Captions

Captions give your visual content a voice. They let you elaborate on images, display your individuality, and give directions to your followers. 

To write the perfect caption, 

  • Start with the tone. Instagram is a humorous and enjoyable platform, so your postings should reflect that. If your voice has a corporate or formal tone, add some personality to make it more real and authentic.
  • Prioritize the most important details. In the Instagram feed, caption text gets cut off after two or three lines. Assume that people will not click more even if you want them to. Save hashtags until the end and send out your most important message first.
  • Make a call-to-action statement. In order to get your followers to accomplish something, you must first ask them. 'Click on the link in the bio,' for example, or 'like if you'd do this,' or 'comment with your favorite XYZ,' for example.
  • Emojis are a great way to express yourself. Emojis not only give individuality to a message, but they also serve to draw attention to it and break up the text. You can also use appropriate emojis to substitute text if they are available.

7. Arrange a Giveaway or Contest

Contests are one of the simplest ways to boost Instagram engagement. You can make the barrier to admission as simple as 'like-to-win' to increase likes. You can increase participation by inviting entrants to additionally follow you and tag a friend. You can buy some organic followers as well for an initial head start.

Make sure the prize is relevant to your brand and target market, as well as specialized enough to attract long-term admirers, to make your Instagram contest or giveaway exciting.

Giving out a free meal for two or a gift card, for example, is something that true fans would be interested in if you manage a restaurant. Giving away an iPad or a Disneyland vacation, on the other hand, may just attract opportunists who have no genuine interest in your brand. 

Study Instagram's Promotion Guidelines before launching any contest or giveaway. It's hardly the most interesting task, but it'll keep you out of trouble with the platform's moderators.

8. Find Your Audience

Finding your target audience is one of the most crucial things you can do to improve your chances of acquiring more Instagram likes. You don't have to and shouldn't try to be everything to everyone. The people who are eager to know what you have to say are your target audience. 

Create your Instagram profile with that audience in mind, and tailor your content marketing plan to reach them. This type of targeting almost guarantees you'll get the genuine likes you're looking for. It's critical to understand your target audience's preferences. 

When is it best to post what stuff and when is it best to publish it? Study your profile, make use of Instagram's built-in statistics, and use Popsters to analyze competition sites. The tool can be used both at the start of a project to analyze competitors and alter content strategy, as well as on a regular basis to keep track of new content trends.


Likes on Instagram indicate that your material is well received by your audience. Getting more followers increases the number of people who see your material, which means more views on your message and more engagement in your brand. 

Use the tips in this article as part of your social media plan to help you develop content that Instagram people want to see while also making it easy to find. 

The best part is that all of these ideas are completely free and straightforward to execute. Gradually include them in your postings and keep note of how many people like them. This can help you figure out which strategies work best with your followers in order to attain long-term success.

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Instagram Likes: Tips & Tricks To Attracting More Hearts