Social media has surely transformed the way brands communicate and do business. It has opened new doors for brands to engage more with their existing and potential customers and provided golden opportunities to brands to convert customer queries into sales. 

With the passing years, social media has evolved as it kept introducing new features to make the experience more convenient for users and businesses. One such social media platform that has completely changed the marketing game is Instagram. 

Introduction To Shoppable Instagram Feed

Instagram caters to around 500 million daily active users who, on average, stay on the platform for 2 hours for entertainment, scrolling and interacting with friends and family, or take shopping inspirations. 

Yes! You read that right! The majority of Instagram users leverage the platform for taking inspiration for their next purchase. 

If you are a regular Instagram user, you must have come across a post accompanied by a small shopping bag icon, and when tapped on the product, the user can see the details of the products, including the pricing. Such posts are commonly referred to as Shoppable Instagram feed

This feature on Instagram emerged in February 2018. It has given brands a chance to directly sell to their customers instead of them visiting the website, looking for the product, and making a purchase. 

Moreover, the inception of the Instagram checkout feature in 2019 enables the users to complete the shopping journey by completing the entire purchase process without leaving the platform. 

Shoppable Instagram has become the new era window shopping platform for its users where they can scroll through their feeds, enjoy, interact, and shop simultaneously, and who would not leverage such a platform? 

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How Brands Are Benefiting From Shoppable Instagram Feature

Transforming Instagram Feed Into Shoppable & Social Experience

As mentioned above, since Instagram has become the new window shopping platform for its users, a promotional feed inclusive of a post showcasing a product can also be easily converted into a Shoppable post by the brands. 

By giving the users a shoppable experience, all the major labels to newly launched brands can easily leverage the platform to gain more sales. 

Moreover, Instagram shopping allows brands to tag up to 5 products at a time at a post and up to 20 

products in a carousel post, enough to engage users and convince them to make a purchase. 

The Shoppable Instagram feature allows brands to ‘Scroll & Shop’ which makes it an extremely social experience. Shopping on a social platform automatically excites the audience more since it allows them to update themselves about the latest happenings and what’s trending around the world along with taking inspiration for what they are going to buy next! 

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Enables Customers To Discover Products Easily 

Discovering the preferred products of choice is a major concern for users since it is an extremely time-consuming and taxing process. On the other hand, it is a big challenge for brands and businesses as well since they miss out on opportunities to sell their products due to poor product discoverability. 

Shoppable Instagram tremendously allows users to discover products that too while scrolling through their Instagram feed. Moreover, Shoppable Instagram allows brands and businesses to target customers according to their likes and preferences. 

Brands can personally target customers by gaining insights and by leveraging their result search on the platform.

Additionally, tapping and having a look at the specifications and pricing of the product is like a cherry on the cake and allows customers to immediately make a decision. 

Gives Customers A Quicker, Easier & Much Faster Buying Journey 

Shoppable Instagram effectively cuts down the extra time that users generally spend on E-Commerce platforms while purchasing products. A regular buying journey is quite prolonged and involves many steps to complete the process. 

Starting right from the product search to the lengthy checkout process that demands the users fill in multiple details, it can get quite frustrating and irritating for the customers and may lead to cart abandonment. 

Using shoppable Instagram, the users can easily complete the journey in a few taps and clicks. Moreover, the users do not have to leave the platform to complete the purchase and also have the option to save their details for future purchases. 

A Chance To Convert Followers Into Customers 

E-Commerce brands and businesses have forever been on the lookout to explore ways and means to convert leads into customers. 

Even though the old means of advertising allowed brands to utilize social media marketing techniques to interact with their potential customers personally, however, using the same old techniques, brands could not notice satisfactory results. 

After leveraging Shoppable Instagram into their business, brands could easily get a chance to sell directly to their customers on the platform, and rather than redirecting them to the website, they could make their followers, their existing customers, directly on Instagram. 

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Boost Engagement & Sales 

One of the major benefits of Shoppable Instagram for businesses is that it has tremendously helped boost their engagement levels and revenues. 

Before the Shoppable Instagram feature, brands mostly would engage with their potential customers by replying to their likes, comments, shares, or DM’s. 

The Shoppable Instagram feature lets brands take multiple steps further and engage more with the audience since they would be shopping on the platform. Apart from the regular likes, comments, and shares, brands can answer shopping-related queries leading to much more engagement than before. 

Speaking of sales, shoppable Instagram can seamlessly give a boost to the sales of a brand. Since shoppable Instagram makes it much easier for the users to purchase products on the platform itself, it saves them the time to visit the brand's official website, look for the product, and go through the lengthy checkout process to finally complete the buying journey. 

The users want a frictionless and seamless shopping experience, and Shoppable Instagram provides them an easy and quick checkout process and quick product discoverability. These factors collectively would give rise to the sales of a brand.

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An Amazing Overall Customer Experience 

All that e-Commerce businesses and their customers look for is a flawless, easy, and smooth shopping experience and Shoppable Instagram was introduced by the platform with an ambition to provides its customers with an amazing customer experience. 

All the aforementioned benefits of the Shoppable Instagram feature clearly state how it can boost sales, increase customer engagement and provide them a seamless experience which is hard to achieve during a regular purchasing process. 

Closing Note 

We are at the end of the blog, and you are well-acquainted with the significance of utilizing a Shoppable Instagram feed in your business. 

Being an e-commerce business and looking for appropriate measures to maximize visibility, engagement, and sales can be quite challenging. 

We are now positive that you also must be compelled to try Shoppable Instagram in your business if you have not because you are seriously missing out on a lot. 

Shoppable Instagram can surely do wonders for your brand, and we are hopeful that this blog has given you reasons enough to leverage this amazing, powerful and result-driven strategy into your business before your competitors surpass you in the race! 

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Shoppable Instagram Feed: How Global Brands Are Turning Instagram Into Sales