Are you selling products online?

Perfect!! New-age demands this only!!

But, wait, are you getting the immeasurable benefits- like, more sales and high revenue?

Maybe you are attaining not the definite profits. Have you ever looked after the reasons for the same?

Of course, you are the owner, you must have tried many strategies to get remarkable results. But, still, you fail to understand the appropriate reason.

Anyways, to make this clear to you, we are here. The first and foremost is Search EngineOptimization (SEO), and the other one that indeed, we cannot overlook is the best eCommerce platform for ecommerce developers.  

If you are not new to this industry, then, you must be aware of the fact that SEO is an outstanding way to grow traffic to the eCommerce website but for that eCommerce website design should be seo friendly.  It is one of the best yet traditional digital marketing techniques to improve the number of visitors to maximize the number of visitors to the eCommerce website.

But, do not misunderstand that only an SEO-friendly website is sufficient to rank it in the best search engines. Besides, the ultimate SEO features from the leading eCommerce platform have a major role to play. 

The current state of eCommerce

Let's first look at the state of e-commerce.

  • The first things that pop up right away are that more and more consumers are browsing on their mobile phone before making a purchase decision. e-commerce sales continue to grow every year and a good SEO rating is more important than ever.
  • It is estimated that till 2040, 95% of every purchase will be carried out via eCommerce.
  • Approximately,93.5% of internet users are purchasing products online.
  • The online deals are compared by 93% of millennials with the mobile device.

What does this mean for you specifically?

Your store Or, more precisely, your e-commerce site builder - should allow you to create a store site for mobile devices. Without this, you will not attract mobile buyers and, therefore, significantly reduce your income.

You must take the first step as soon as possible. Yes, sales are growing, but it also means that competition is also increasing, so you have to act quickly if you want to make an impact. Don't wait, choose your eCommerce website platform today.

Your designer should have a good SEO structure and allow your store’s website to make full use of it. If your store is not optimized for SEO from day one, it will be difficult to modify SEO on top of this later. 

How is SEO Friendly Website beneficial?

Everyone knows what SEO is and how it is essential for you. Many SEO agencies or companies are there that can improve the website ranking, create an inbound strategy, carry out link building, on-page, and off-page SEO.

However, do you have any idea of the best eCommerce platform for SEO? Undoubtedly, the best SEO strategy with on-page and off-page SEO work lets you have tons of traffic to assist you to improve the online sales and online business.

This only implies that if you do not have the best eCommerce platform that gives you the built-in SEO features, then, there are very minimal chances that your website can rank higher.

Additionally, while looking for the online website builder, the other essential elements or features that it must have are:

  • Security
  • Content management
  • Payment integration options
  • Online documents and support
  • Updates and feature upgrades
  • Design and customization options

As of now, you know all the basics, now is the time to check out the list of 10leading eCommerce platforms. You can choose the one as per your website requirements. Have a look:

Leading SEO Friendly eCommerce Website Development Platform


Shopify has always been at the forefront of the e-commerce package, but this does not prevent the company from moving forward and constantly updating its functions. In fact, some of the latest releases show a whole new future for Shopify and the world of e-commerce in general.

For example, some Shopify users were intimidated by an online store editor. Well, over time, everything has changed thanks to the new innovative online store editor, created to facilitate the work of new sellers. In addition to this, Shopify also now offers fairly reliable SEO-friendly tools to optimize your store for mobile purchases, as well as the integration of sales channels transmitted to sellers.

Main features

  • This e-commerce plan does not give you the functionality of an e-commerce website builder as a basic plan but allows you to go to the Shopify interface and allows you to use the “Shopify Buy Button” on your existing website.
  • Themes (store design) are the best on the market and they are all optimized for mobile devices. You can choose from more than 100 of them, and there are both free and paid options.
  • There is good integration with social networks, plus the ability to directly sell via Facebook. You can also offer your customers gift cards and discount codes that work wonders to keep people around.
  • The platform provides more than 100 add-ons and extensions for everything: from bookkeeping to design, marketing tools, orders and delivery, and much more.
  • A support team is available 24/7.
  • A free SSL certificate is included in all plans.


This eCommerce platform provides an awesome web design interface, with some of the most wonderful and modern templates. We recommend this e-commerce site builder for companies that are interested in a more modern, media-based look and also pay particular attention to minimalism.

There are opportunities for social networks, design, inventory, and marketing, literally everything that a new e-commerce store may need. However, at the same time, you should not expect to create a huge store with Squarespace, as this is not what it should do.

Main features

  • Themes are most helpful (and you can get third-party themes if you want).
  • TheeCommerce websites run smoothly, and they, as always, load pages quickly.
  • 24X7 support and chat support are helpful.
  • Communicate with customers through full integration with social networks, sell throughFacebook and Instagram.
  • SEO features are solid.
  • There are great SEO-oriented tools to track your website’s overall traffic and sales


It has been around for quite some time, and although they were once an industry leader, things have changed with the advent of universal e-commerce solutions. However, several years ago Volusion underwent quite serious changes and now looks much more promising.

We like Volusion best for small businesses and companies that are just starting out, as prices are very desirable. However, you should not expect to tweak your theme too much, as that is a little scary.

Main features

  • It has many themes to choose from. From our calculation, a little over 40.
  • An FTP client is provided, so more advanced developers have a chance to configure.
  • Mobile payment is offered, and you can also sell directly through social networks.
  • You get ratings and reviews built straight.
  • In general, Volusion has more built-in SEO-friendly features than some other e-commerce website developers, given that the app store is still a bit lean.


This eCommerce played the second violin of Shopify, but everything has changed, and now it is a full-fledged alternative. It offers many of the same features and is in no way limited.

Themes are also solid, with many modern options divided into several categories, plus they are convenient for mobile devices and available. There are also free and paid ones that will help you make your store truly yours and match your brand.

It even has built-in SEO features; also the implementation of advanced SEO features is also very smooth. SEO articles and documents given by Bigcommerce will make it even simpler for you to know the implementation process.

Main features

  • You can set up an unlimited number of employee accounts, which is great if there are more people working in your store.
  • Easy to use backend has the functions of coupons, discounts, social networks, and much more.
  • Allows selling through Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon, and Square POS.
  • Support for this e-commerce site builder is 24X7.
  • The app store is filled with several options.


Every creator of the e-commerce website mentioned above is considered “hosted”. This means that you pay for a monthly e-commerce solution, and hosting is included in it. However, you have several solutions that are considered "independent", which means that in addition to acquiring the e-commerce software itself, you also need to find your own web hosting and pay for it as a separate investment. In this model, e-commerce software is often free and open source.

A self-hosted system requires an elementary to intermediate website knowledge, while hosted options are usually finished products. At the same time, installing WordPress and WooCommerce is not complicated, and some hosting companies offer to take care of this installation immediately after registration.

Currently, the best option for such independent e-commerce on the market is the pairing that we are considering here; WooCommerce.

WordPress is a website engine - part of web software that allows you to create and run a website in a user-friendly way. WooCommerce is a plugin that you install on top of WordPress to turn it into a complete online store.

Main features

  • The software itself is free and has a quick installation process.
  • If you know how to use WordPress, this is a great choice to ensure proper scaling.
  • You maintain full control over your e-commerce site.
  • You have access to powerful blogging tools.
  • WooCommerce provides an excellent e-commerce theme called Storefront, as well as several child themes that look great.
  • Since WooCommerce is an open-source, thousands of other topics are sold all over the Internet.
  • If the feature is not packaged in WooCommerce, you can go out and find the WordPress plugin to help. In principle, these options are endless.
  • Great SEO tools are available.


There are two sides; Magento as the creator of the e-commerce website. First, there is an open-source solution that is similar to the idea of WooCommerce. It is free, but you need to buy your own hosting and domain. Then there is a hosted solution, similar to the other tools on this list.

Aside, Magento is one of the most advanced eCommerce platforms on the market, and it is used by some of the largest companies in the world. It has an almost infinite ability to scale without problems, so it is best suited for large stores.

Main features

  • Suitable for processing stores of any size and sales volume. Great for enterprise solutions.
  • Frontend customization is endless.
  • The backend is user friendly and provides all the necessary tools for editing code.
  • You can sell your products using wish lists, discounts, and payouts.
  • Many applications are available from third-party sellers.


This is another eCommerce site builder that started as the primary tool for building websites. In other words, you can use it to create any website, not just online stores. Wix offers many great website templates that suit any niche or market.

The templates are also optimized for mobile devices, which means that you are ready to welcome visitors and buyers coming from all kinds of devices.

Wix has a pricing model that fits any budget. However, since we are talking about launching e-commerce stores here, you should be careful when choosing a plan for yourself.

Main features

  • Great design/website templates for various e-commerce niches, such as fashion, art, home decor, beauty, and many others.
  • Cheaper than Shopify, Squarespace, and BigCommerce if you want to be able to sell an unlimited number of products and welcome an unlimited number of customers.
  • Great site customization tools including the drag-and-drop editor.
  • You can configure the appearance of the mobile site separately from the appearance of the desktop.
  • This tool helps you start your brand. 


OpenCart is an open-source and free eCommerce platform to modify or even download. The On-page SEO features can be discovered in the OpenCart and Admin Panel. The technical SEO could be done quickly from the Admin Panel itself.

We already had mentioned that it is free, so there are no support available options. You have to hire a professional developer or you must have the programming knowledge to tweak the code for SEO at some point.

Product attributes and options are also adjustable with OpenCart and solutions allow you to integrate extra product variables. Similar to the eCommerce platforms, OpenCart is highly extendable and customizable. It includes 13000 themes and modules that you can use to create the eCommerce website.

Main features

  • Highly customizable as it is open-source
  • Unlimited manufacturers and products
  • Multi-currency supported
  • Product reviews and product ratings
  • More than 20 payment methods and 8 shipping methods
  • Several shipping calculations (weight and size) and tax rates.
  • Discount coupon system, backup and restore tools.


This is the other eCommerce platform that is easily accessible and easy to use. Prestashop is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that have an easy way to create an online store.

Fortunately, it allows you to include SEO plugins and carry out some adjustments because of its lack of functionality. Hence, if there is something between Magento and Shopify, then, PrestaShop is the best option for you.

Main features

  • Inventory management features like item tracking and out-of-stock alerts
  • Simple export and import of data in CSV format
  • Advanced SEO capabilities – management of meta titles and descriptions and URLs
  • Large selection of payment options: PayPal Standard and Pro, Skrill, Stripe, WorldPay, offline processing and many others,
  • Precise shipping estimation
  • Creation of custom promotions
  • Customer emails automation
  • Sales and orders statistics,
  • Multi-language: default support of 75 languages,
  • Compatibility with a large number of add-ons and third-party integrations.


Weebly is as same as Wix in the same way that it is simple and easy to create a website with it. Several features are built-in, and if you are the beginner to the eCommerce merchant, Weebly has made it simple for you.

Pricing advantages are very affordable. Hence, it is an additional bonus if you are new to SEO. Several SEO functionalities and features are built-in, besides, you will need something more robust once you have set the eCommerce store. It is an ideal choice for a new eCommerce retailer that does not hire the developer.

Main features

  • Gives excellent additional features such as blogging tools
  • Easily accessible, the best choice for beginners
  • Best value for money with the eCommerce builder
  • Allows you to sell products on the free plan
  • Ease of Online Store integration with the web builder
  • Digital and Physical sales
  • Own domain SSL-encryption with unique URL

Concluding Remarks

We have given you the list of the leading 10 eCommerce platforms for Search Engine Optimization.  Now, you can use any of the ones to manage your eCommerce business. The best thing about these eCommerce platforms is that these are highly trusted, customizable, and are used by many online stores on the internet.

All these have a large community of solution providers and developers. The platform has a marketplace to offer improvements of features by including the external paid and free Extensions/Apps/Plugins.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you have some queries and suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below.

Morris Edwards
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