Jun 27, 2023
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Top-notch IT recruitment for Dotmatics in Eastern Europe

7-12 months
United States, Boston
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Dotmatics decided to set up a new software team in Eastern Europe and move from the IT outsourcing model to oversee the development of its ground-breaking scientific products. The company's main concern was the speed and quality of tech staffing since they had an ambitious goal to hire over 30 software engineers in 1 year. Thus, they started seeking assistance from an experienced recruitment services partner with insider knowledge of the Eastern European technological market.


After Dotmatics reached out to Alcor to get professional IT staffing & recruitment services, we first conducted consultations on the recruitment process outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Then, our team proceeded with adjusting the client's vacancies to the local tech market, writing the perfect value proposition for developers, and beginning the executive search. After that, our IT recruiters conducted job interviews and forwarded the best programmers to the client. In addition, Dotmatics received a key account manager who was giving individual support and managing all the arising queries.


As a result, Dotmatics assembled a team of 30 IT specialists within a year. Alcor hired a Director of Engineering, Full Stack, React, QA Automation, DevOps, Node.js, and other software developers. In addition to that, our client received administrative support, such as legal compliance, payroll, and procurement management.