$30 - $49 / hr
50 - 99
United States, Hayward
Within 1 month

Artelogic engineers competitive advantages to help small and medium businesses to become big ones, to turn startups into grownups. The company is a web and software development house, which provides product development and team extension services with a sustainable commitment to the quality of the delivered solutions.

Artelogic’s expertise consists of 7 years of engineering experience; more than 120 successfully delivered projects; engineering for about 13 main business domains; Microsoft, PHP, JavaScript technical focus. Most of our clients’ products have become profitable and successful businesses, 2 of them were successfully sold at the early startup development stage, in particular, due to our contribution to their technical innovations.

Artelogic’s credibility and attitude are proven by 27 reviews given by our clients from the UK, US, EU on Clutch and other independent industry resources, 38 Google reviews given by partners and team members (as of 11/30/19). Claiming the company as a great place to work with and to work at.

Since 2017 company has been 4 times featured among Clutch Global Leaders and shortlisted among the most trusted service providers in different tech areas on the industry reviewing platforms like TechReviewer, YourTeam, others.

Besides meeting Artelogic at the technical events, WebSummit, Collision, RISE, they participate in each year.

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Location and Contacts

United States, Hayward
United States, Ormond Beach
Ukraine, Lviv

Major clients

Jack Cooper
RWTH Aachen University

Services focus

Service Lines
Category distribution and progress
Web Development70%
Software Development30%
Domain focus
Category distribution and progress
Banking & Financial Services30%
Transportation & Logistics15%
CMS solutions
Category distribution and progress