Jul 26, 2023
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Accounts Payable and Invoicing process automation for leading procurement solutions and services com

Accounts Payable and Invoicing process automation for leading procurement solutions and services com

2-3 months
United States
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Artificial Intelligence
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Banking & Financial Services
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Artificial Intelligence
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We addressed several challenges during the project: Integrated with Ariba and SAP invoicing systems, ensuring seamless data exchange. Provided AI-powered invoice processing for PDFs, images, and electronic formats. Implemented configurable business rules for exceptions, approvers, and warnings. Developed a robust system to manage customer suppliers efficiently with unique identifiers. The result is a robust and scalable solution that automates accounts payable and invoicing, providing accuracy and flexibility in managing customer suppliers.


Our solution optimizes invoicing workflow, automating invoice processing, validation, and payment reconciliation to save time and reduce errors. We adhere to PEPPOL standards for seamless integration with other platforms and offer a unified platform to manage financial processes and supplier relationships. With powerful analytics capabilities, users can gain insights and make data-driven decisions. Our web-based application supports multi-tenancy, facilitating efficient invoice management, collaboration with suppliers, and flexible invoice uploads. It enhances user experience, streamlines administrative tasks, and ensures smooth data synchronization for a seamless invoicing process.


Our client's platform automates invoice processing and accounts payable, providing a user-friendly interface for easy management of invoices, purchase orders, and contracts. The solution offers configurable business rules, efficient supplier management, and seamless communication. It has achieved outstanding results, including a 100% user satisfaction score, over 18 million payments saved, and a 75% reduction in cycle time. Endorsed by industry leaders, the AI-powered platform has transformed businesses, ensuring compliance and future-proofing to PEPPOL standards. A resounding success that brings significant benefits to our customers.