Jul 05, 2022
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4-6 months
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The main challenge of this project was managing time zones. Administrators, providers, and site members often needed to schedule appointments while they were in different time zones. To enable the appointment creation without any errors, we needed to validate a lot of data. The current time was shown from different perspectives on each page. It was just an issue, but a challenging one.


This project includes a marketing site, healhtracking platform and mobile application. Marketing site implemented via Kentico CMS. The main purpose of this site is sharing resources that can be useful for public users and program members. Mawazo Marketing implemented a marketing strategy for it and designed all related processes. For members we added the possibility to track food consumption. Platform is integrated with Food DataCentral (USDA), so members see nutrition information about food. To make food tracking easier we added functionality that scans barcodes and populates information about products. For the health tracking platform we implemented charts that can show member's progress, analyze calorie intake and exercising.


As a result, we've created an attractive and user-friendly platform that encourages people to keep an eye on their health. It helped our clients increase the number of program members due to improved efficiency and automation of processes. Also, the amount of manual actions was significatly reduced.