Jul 26, 2023
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Migration to Kentico Xperience 13 Core for the State Agency

Migration to Kentico Xperience 13 Core for the State Agency

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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One challenge we faced was migrating WYSIWYG widgets by parsing plain text and replacing them with new Kentico 13 compatible widgets. We ensured automatic migration of all content, including versioning and unpublished changes, for a seamless transition. Additionally, we retained the ability to manage content through the content folder in the content tree, providing an efficient workflow. We incorporated features to enhance the editor's experience, making content creation and editing intuitive. Moreover, we developed functionality similar to portal engine rich text editor widgets for easy content formatting and customization.


We seamlessly migrated all pages, attachments, and URLs from Kentico 12 to Kentico 13. Using component-based page construction, content editors can easily manage and customize content through the CMS without code modifications. This approach streamlined the migration process and improved content management capabilities.


The content migration to Kentico 13 was flawless, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss. Functionality similar to rich text editor widgets was successfully implemented, creating visually appealing web pages. Accessibility standards were prioritized for inclusive user access. By migrating, the website gained ongoing support, future updates, and flexibility to adapt to emerging technologies. Kentico 13 brought significant performance improvements, with response times reduced up to 16 times and achieving a grade A in GMetrix performance test. The upgrade enhanced user experience and engagement.