Sep 06, 2023
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Care Plus

2-3 months
Australia, Melbourne, Sydney
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Software Development
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The project contained plenty of challenges and complications; however, the biggest challenges we came across were: Have a look at some more challenges we had then: The client used many tools to manage his different departments, for instance, HR, Operation, Sales, Admin, and so on. Moreover, the client had complex payroll and billing procedure that we had to fix.


We’re incredibly thankful to the practiced engineers that enabled us to fulfill the client’s needs. The first step we took towards the project development was we embedded tools like QuickBooks and others into the software, preventing the need for the client to use them manually for sales and payments, payroll, and many others. Moreover, we understood their billing and payroll process and created every possible feature needed to lessen the obstacle. Ultimately, the result followed us, and we could deliver a rare application that meets the client’s business objectives.


They delivered the result beyond our expectations and imaginations. Albeit I had an idea, I never imagined the app could be that efficacious for my needs. The entire Codzgarage team worked with consistency and dedication and ended up delivering results suitable for my project. The team kept me in the loop throughout the project development, and I was aware of every single progress of the project. Highly appreciated!
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