Sep 06, 2023
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MediHealth: A Doctor Appointment Application

MediHealth: A Doctor Appointment Application

4-6 months
United Kingdom, Kingsnorth
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The Healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries, among many others. The constant change in price, facilities, and so on sometimes creates an obstacle for a person to find an exact doctor. Our client desired to extinguish all these challenges while offering some additional conveniences through the application. Here are some of the challenges we had to eliminate: Alleviate the process for a patient to find doctors. Let the patient find a doctor based on their symptoms. Extinguish the need to wait long hours in queues Make it easy for overworked patients to make an appointment right away. Availability of medicines of all kinds around the clock Everything, from doctors’ appointments to medicines, from the comfort of your home. Services at a reasonable price


As mentioned above, we followed a different approach to build this Healthcare application. Our experienced project analysts defined the fundamental characteristics of the project. The QA then worked on the same and accumulated knowledge about all the tools involved and then recognized the feasibility of the project development based on the features required by the client. We then worked with the team and built a high-performance application embellished with innovative features and functionalities. Here are some of the features you can find in this app: Show doctors list based on geographical locations Find specialists doctors in no time


We built an app that met the client’s expectations and was the best solution for users on the lookout for doctors. The application got succeeded, and the reason for this was its high-end performance. It also met the users’ requirements, making the process streamlined and flawless.
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MediHealth: A Doctor Appointment Application