Apr 29, 2022
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Optimizing the cart experience

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Honest Baby Clothing initially reached us with the concern that their conversion rate was low. They knew that they were losing precious sales somewhere in the purchasing experience. HBC has a great product, competitive pricing, and recognizable brand, so where was the problem? CraftBerry carefully examined HBC's data and found a clue. There was a decent number of customers adding a product to the cart, but only a quarter of them reached the checkout. Compared to industry benchmarks, we concluded that the conversion problem was emerging after the customer had added a product to the cart.


By looking both at the data and the customer experience, the problem became clear. HBC's cart was confusing and overall did not have a great UX path. We knew that with our touch we could create a world-class cart, which would be a definite improvement in customers reaching checkout and purchasing. With the help of Robin, Honest Baby Clothing's creative force, we put together a prototype of how the new cart would flow smoothly - with an added combination of their cute brand and proven tactics that persuade the customer to checkout. It was high time to put our designs to life.


After two weeks of development, applying clean JavaScript and optimization practices, we published a lightning-fast cart experience. Bye delays, hello conversions. Clear, understandable, dynamic. This resulted in 100% more customers reaching checkout and a 60% increase in the overall conversion rate.
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