May 06, 2021
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Hotel Guests App and Services Management System

Hotel Guests App and Services Management System

2-3 months
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Software Development
Mobile Development
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Travel & Hospitality
Programming language
React Native


Il Pelagone is a hotel and golf resort in Italy. What the client wanted us to do was create an app for the visitors so they could easily book different services via a user-friendly mobile application. ‍ So, the goal was to release a cross-platform React Native mobile application - on both iOS and Android platforms - which would allow clients of Pelagone hotel to order services most conveniently.


The very first impression of the requirements to the app we got even before calling the customer. That allowed us to prepare some mockups of user flow in advance. We used the Marvel app for that. The main value of the app is its dynamic schedules. The app allows any customer to book up to 7 services provided by the resort. Each service can be booked based on specific conditions to be selected by guests: date, time, specialists, types of services, number of participants. We developed a highly reliable algorithm that forms dynamic schedules per service based on the working time and service intervals.


Implemented features: - Login and signup - Email confirmation - Booking of up to 7 different services at a time - Calendar and time slots for booking - List of all bookings with the possibility to cancel an appointment - Localization We’ve created an MVP of the application and have already got feedback from the first users. The post-release support includes adding new features and fixing eventual bugs.