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Deventor is an IT partner company focusing on reducing the effective hourly cost of development from the perceived rate of 160$/h+ (even if you think it’s around 80$/h) to 60$/h while ensuring precise development and protection from engineering risks. This has been successfully achieved through the Task Force approach over the past 6 years.
The Task Force approach is designed to solve common problems in active product development, such as fragmented time and too many calls, resulting in an average decrease from 19h to 7h per week. This approach also addresses the issue of personal responsibility, as larger teams often lead to less individual accountability. With increased focus and smaller independent teams, tasks are completed as planned.
Scaling engineering teams can be challenging, but the TF approach allows for easier management during layoffs or the addition of new staff. Each Task Force is independent, reducing morale drop during the layoffs and eliminating worries for current staff when new hires are brought in. To learn more about Deventor’s approach and why your business needs it, visit their website in just 3 minutes at https://deventor.io/our-approach/.


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