Mar 15, 2023
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Pan Tablet

Pan Tablet

2-3 months
Poland, Wroclaw
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Often in business, a company providing services does not fulfill the tasks entrusted to it, is late to deliver the expected result at the end. It is also not rare that we have a solution, but after some time something stops working and it is difficult to get effective help, even "already". Mr. Tablet sp. z o.o. came to us with a broken set of tablets. Unfortunately for us, the client did not have technical documentation. We don't need to tell you how hard it is to fix bugs in software you don't know.


After about 2 weeks, we managed to restore the set of tablets to full efficiency so that they could continue to fulfill their mission in the education of our children. Knowledge in the following technologies was needed to fix the application: · C#/Xamarin · java · Linux Our specialists accurately diagnosed the problem and solved it, using the knowledge and experience gained in previous projects. We gained trust and admiration in the eyes of the client, which resulted in signing a contract for a long-term cooperation.


Mr. Tablet wants to gradually expand its portfolio of services and at the same time have us by your side as software specialists. We are glad that our adventure is not over, it is just beginning. The subject of the agreement was 3 new projects: 1. Landing page with the client's offer - 2. Platform with children's works - 3. Creating a new API and connecting to an existing application that allows uploading children's works to a new platform with children's works. 🔶 Landing page and platform with children's works was based on: 1. React - 2. Strapi - 3. Docker - 4. Framer Motion -