Mar 22, 2024
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Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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The indoor navigation application allows visitors to find their desired location in the mall or outside it in several ways. You can select one of the categories, search by name, or select directly on the indoor maps. The main purpose of this indoor navigation app is to operate 40 terminals placed inside Battersea Power Station. So it’s super easy to find the route from the user's current terminal location to the selected store, restaurant, or any other destination.


The indoor map itself was designed by design agency Popcomms. So we worked closely together: the guys were responsible for the cool design, and we took over the development. Our interaction took place on a regular basis, and the partnership turned out to be productive and enjoyable.


We have successfully deployed the entire indoor map app on the client Digital Ocean instance and provided the ability to set the current terminal location with a simple URL query on application start. It is especially interesting that our real users will be visitors to this famous giant building on the banks of the Thames. At its peak, the legendary Battersea Power Station provided a fifth of London's electricity. After decades of neglect, it is now being redeveloped into one of London's most exciting and innovative destinations. This is really one of the most famous places in the country, about which you will find many interesting facts and even see it on the cover of one of the Pink Floyd albums.