Mar 22, 2024
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Olivia is an internal project management system developed for the US boutique broker dealer firm Growth Capital Services. With Olivia, GCS provides brokers with a platform to perform financial operations in the expanding market of private securities where investors and entrepreneurs find each other to reach investment deals. Growth Capital Services had the general understanding that they needed a financial process automation platform to bring together multiple parties of the deal to a successful transaction. Gearheart’s task was to fill this framework concept with the specific subject matter and create a secure, user-friendly system that could organize and handle a large amount of data.


To implement the initial concept, we proposed to develop an internal finance process automation tool to optimize the workflow by partially automating the process. Due to the peculiarities of the business area, we decided to build it around filling out forms and assigning tasks. In addition, due to security requirements, we blueprinted role-based user access to shared transactions and documents. To match the concept, a simple user-friendly design was offered that included drag-and-drop workflow editing and form construction.


• We modeled a comprehensive proprietary project management system for a highly specific business area, which ensures that every transaction meets or exceeds the criteria of securities regulatory requirements. • In Olivia, we managed to combine a workflow function with a template form builder feature to develop a largely automated interface for independent registered brokers and representatives. • Thanks to role-based access, Olivia is straightforward to provide different rights for various users. • With its adaptive design, the site is optimized for tablet devices to provide smooth access on the go. • We've been supporting Olivia since 2012, and during that time we've done two redesigns and added dozens of new features.