Oct 11, 2021
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BI solution for the sales department of a large corporation

BI solution for the sales department of a large corporation

2-3 months
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Our customer’s business has been expanding rapidly for the past decade: new brands have been launched, new chains have been opened, new offices have popped up. In these circumstances, without proper up-to-date instruments, following the company’s processes turned out to be a real problem. It was all the more obvious when came to the sales department. The existing methods of navigating through sales performance – with reports prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis – appeared to be ineffective and time-consuming. Our customer wanted to improve the overall visibility of analysis and reporting activities across different business units and get a centralized view of the massive volumes of data.


We’ve developed a sales performance management solution, which not only contains all the necessary data but also combines analytics, planning, and forecasting capabilities. The complexity of the whole sales optimization process has been wrapped into 6 dashboards, integrated with different sources of information. Each dashboard fulfills its own functions.


The BI solution allows our customer to explore the data without a hitch. Fragmented and disintegrated reports are replaced by one set of tools where all the necessary information is gathered. Thus, user groups get quick and easy access to real-time data and the analysis tailored to their needs, which increases the chances of the right decision making. The visibility that has been brought to each stage of the sales cycle along with end-to-end analytics helps managers identify blind spots and, therefore, improve performance.