Oct 12, 2021
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Data Analytics Solution in Recruitment

2-3 months
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*instinctools constantly hires different types of developers, DevOps, QA specialists, business analysts, and project managers. They can be recruited into the company’s staff or as contributors to a particular project. For the past 3 years, *instinctools has grown by 30%, which, at some point, caused mixed feelings among the stakeholders. As undeniably great as rapid growth is, it also creates the necessity for better awareness of the recruiting efforts.


One of the greatest and simplest ways to gain easy access to real-time data is to implement business intelligence tools. Modern technologies allow for data analyses in larger volumes and at a higher speed. Because *instinctools uses Power BI for their internal analysis, we decided to integrate data from Huntflow with this system. Every 24 hours all the data from Huntflow is sent to the cloud storage, which Power BI connects to for further analysis and visualization. The solution was gradually developed in close collaboration both with the head of recruiting and the CEO. During the project, we managed to narrow a tremendous amount of data down to the important metrics. In total, 10+ dashboards were made to provide top-notch analytics for the company’s different roles.


Now that the recruiting department has the power of data at hand, they understand better how the organization is attracting talent and can improve on it. With flexible, expandable analytics sliced and diced according to their specific needs, recruiters got a clear picture of the talent pipeline, which shows the path of every candidate from every source through every stage of the hiring process. The numbers speak for themselves – thanks to considerable insights into the recruitment, Instinctools started to fill the positions 21% faster than it used to. Moreover, the diligent analysis of salary expectations allowed the C-levels to make the necessary adjustments to the wage scale.