Oct 08, 2021
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DITAworks Cloud – Efficiency in Technical Writing

2-3 months
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Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is a standard XML-based architecture for representing documents, supporting content modularity, content reuse, and interoperability of DITA documents. On the other hand, DITA brings new challenges to the content organization by increased complexity, amount, and granularity. A DITA CMS is a niche application, involving very specific know-how and relatively high cost for purchasing, implementation, and maintenance.


DITAworks helps authors to master the challenge of managing a DITA-based documentation array by providing features like fast creation, link management, managing versions and branches, workflows for review, translation, and publishing. DITAworks Cloud is ready-to-use: no need to install anything, just access the comprehensive DITA CMS via browser and start writing professional documentation.


Fast access to fully-featured DITA CMS; No worries about purchasing and installing hardware and software; Frequent updates of DITAworks; Scalable; Operating resources and skills not required on the customer’s side; No maintenance on the customer’s side; No vendor lock: data can be exported and used with on-premises CMS at any time.