Oct 07, 2021
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2-3 months
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The initial situation at Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH was characterized by typical challenges with the product documentation: rising volumes and increasing complexity, driven by an increasing number of versions and variants; high-quality requirements for the documentation as a product component; shortened development periods; different output formats and the need to integrate with the development process and the product itself.


In response to these diverse challenges, Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH selected the software DITAworks from *instinctools, after an extensive trial. Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH deployed the DITAworks solution for Eclipse, which also has special functions for the documentation of Eclipse-based applications. Existing content and the model were carefully analyzed. Recommendations for the migration to the latest DITA standard and integration with the existing development and publication process, as well as the XMetaL-Editor, were developed. *instinctools completed the implementation of the recommendations in consultation with Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH.


Even before the beginning of the project, Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH utilized many of the advantages of single-source publishing, using DITA standards for the documentation: content once created is used in several different documents, and the publishing process allows output in various formats (Eclipse Help, HTML, PDF). After the existing content has been migrated to the latest DITA standard and its adoption completed in DITAworks, there are no obstacles to the immediate use of the convenient options that DITAworks offers. The editorial team of Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH is now optimally equipped for further documentation of their applications.