May 22, 2023
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HubSpot For Consulting Company

4-6 months
United States
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It used to be difficult for the client to navigate through tons of disparate data within their marketing and sales department, let alone use it for the company’s benefit. To do so, they needed a well-honed, calibrated CRM that would make the sales process transparent and traceable.


Once the problem was identified, the client turned to *instinctools, a CRM consulting and implementation company, for a solution. As per our standard practice, we started with a deep dive into the client’s business processes to find a solution that can meet the customer’s requirements.


The HubSpot implementation took six months, along with data migration and organizational enablement. The CRM started working at its full capacity only after the data migration was completed. - Full transparency of sales and marketing processes at all the stages of the sales funnel - Automating 30% of the business development workflows - Reducing time of lead processing by 37% - 28% increase in the MQL-to-SQL conversion rate - 17% increase in the SQL-to-Deal conversion rate - 45% decrease in onboarding time for new employees of the business development unit - Cutting the Biz Dev costs by 18%