Oct 11, 2021
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Mobile app for educational ecosystem

Mobile app for educational ecosystem

2-3 months
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The customer was looking for an IT partner – a technological and methodological expert who could help not only to create the product but also would assist in its market entry strategy. The idea was to develop an ecosystem that would fulfill the following functions: giving everyone an opportunity to get a full-fledged academic education; giving a possibility to get competencies that are in demand through the concept of bite-sized learning; providing recruiters with access to the app so that they could estimate students’ competencies and soft skills at an early stage and make a decision about interviewing the candidates.


During the Discovery Phase we developed the solution which implied: the possibility to publish the materials on the app and share them with other students; chat functions, enabling students to interact with each other; a machine-learning model which takes into account the views of learning materials, other users, “likes”, etc. and, based on this information, recommends the most relevant mentors; the content management functionality; the system of rewards with gamification elements and a gradual immersion of the user into the platform.


In the result of close collaboration with the customer, *instinctools team has created a mobile application that provides access to all sorts of educational materials and allows to get consultations from people, whose career is a matter of interest for the users. Moreover, our company has gained excellent experience in developing recommendation systems that seek to predict the “rating” or “preference” a user would give to an item. Being welcomed in a variety of areas by giants such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, etc., the benefits of these systems are now available for *instinctools clients.