Mar 29, 2022
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Modernization Of The LMS For Staff Training

Modernization Of The LMS For Staff Training

4-6 months
United States
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Our client has been planning to modernize some parts of their LMS for a while and, as is often the case, they haven’t gotten around to it until recently. However, the delay was no longer an option since Adobe Flash, where one of the modules was written, was on its way out. So, at that point, modernization turned from a vague long-running goal into a clear necessity, that would prevent the loss of customers. The client chose *instinctools since they wanted to lift the burden of managing the project off their shoulders and put it on a Tech partner providing a dedicated team, who would take responsibility for what they do and where the project goes.


*instinctools dedicated team has developed a cross-browser application supporting mobile devices and tablets. The solution was based on new secure and scalable technologies. At the final and most challenging stage of the project, we migrated all the digital assets from a legacy system to a new structured microservice application without any loss.


With the brand-new version of the application delivered just in time when remote work was a rising trend, it’s become possible for its users to create inspiring and meaningful content that makes remote or in-person activities way more impactful than they used to be. It helped our client to increase loyalty to a product and gain new customers globally. Encouraged by our collaboration, the client plans to continue improving the software module by adding new features in subsequent phases.