May 05, 2022
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NFT Marketplace For Patents

NFT Marketplace For Patents

4-6 months
United States
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Web Development
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Banking & Financial Services


The primary purpose of the project’s first stage was to construct the core application for market launch, allowing new users, customers, stakeholders, and investors to gain a better understanding of IPwe’s products and their features. The *instinctools team was challenged to cover the following tasks: -Designing a web interface with an intuitive user experience. -Developing a web application with extended functionality, including secure transactions, real-time dashboard visualization, and personal user accounts. -Creating an interlayer for efficient blockchain operation and enabling smooth connectivity between the front-end and back-end.


The key component of the project was finished and released on time thanks to the smooth collaboration of *instinctools professionals working alongside IPwe’s team. The NFT marketplace platform is a complex solution consisting of several components delivered by the *instinctools dedicated team: web app, user account, and a Smart Pool system.


The NFT marketplace for selling and buying patents helps businesses increase the value of their assets, establish new partnerships, and mitigate risks related to intellectual property. With this solution enriched with new functionality, our client is expanding their B2B service offering, bringing revenue and added value to the business.