Jun 06, 2022
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Web Application For a Biotech Company

Web Application For a Biotech Company

4-6 months
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The software our customer uses for controlling the production process of medical treatments has a particular control module for administration, monitoring, and analysis. The problem was that this complex three-component module only had a desktop version. Old legacy code added even more complexity to the project and hindered software modernization and the implementation of new features.


*instinctools engineering team of four web-developers, UX engineer, QA engineer, and a project manager were working on the project for six months. They managed to reverse-engineer the legacy code, going through more than 1,000 rows from XML files manually to understand the actual logic of the module and how the graphs and tables were built and organized. In coordination with the back-end development team, *instinctools’ engineers built the front-end part of the web application from scratch. We also implemented a modified Pathfinding algorithm that enabled us to embody the look and feel of the old application in the new one. Our experts compiled the NATS library using alpha source code from the repository and implemented numerous fixes to ensure everything worked as expected.


The newly modernized process visualization module with increased performance and quality allowed our client to reduce employee training time and improve their workload efficiency. The final solution gave the company’s customers the ability to easily integrate the visualization into any hardware capable of showing web applications. Real-time dashboards and visualizations, accompanied by an intuitive user interface, allowed system managers to control the manufacturing process, reducing industrial incidents effectively.