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United States, La Habra
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JMF Digital Marketing

JMF Digital Marketing provides small and medium sized businesses digital marketing services that can help them grow their online presence, build brand awareness, increase sales, and connect them with more customers consistently. We specialize in providing website designing services, pay per click advertisement (Google & Microsoft Ads), content marketing, search engine optimization, and additional services upon request.
We stand out from our competition because we utilize the best marketing practices while considering your business goals and audience. JMF looks to create a specific marketing strategy designed for your business to beat your competition and maximize your return on investment.
• Website Design: Mobile responsive, ADA Compliant, Custom Design, And More.
• Pay Per Click Advertisement: Google and Microsoft Ads
o Search Ads
o Display Ads
o Local Ads
o Video Ads
o Shopping Ads
• Search Engine Optimization: Get found online by your customers.
o Local Search Engine Optimization
• Digital Marketing Consulting: We will help direct you on the right path with the right strategies.
• Content Marketing: JMF will help you create content to appeal and acquire your audience into making a profitable action
• And more upon request.
Here is a list of the types of businesses we work with, but are not limited to:
• Healthcare: nursing homes, doctors’ offices, medical facilities, and more.
• Service Based Businesses: subcontractors, financial, lawyers, and more.
• Hospitality/Restaurants
• Real Estate
• Property Management: residential and commercial
• Retail: grocery stores, sporting goods, clothing, toys, etc.
• Bloggers
• And More
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JMF Digital Marketing

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Location and Contacts

United States, La Habra
1311 w marigold ave
+56 2 5124968

Major clients

JMF Commercial Construction
RCH Construction
GP Sports Memorabilia
Sargent's Sporting Goods

Services focus

Service Lines
Web Development83%
Domain focus
Business Services40%
Travel & Hospitality20%
Retail and Restaurants20%
Real Estate20%
Programming language
CMS solutions