Sep 01, 2022
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Bang Track

2-3 months
United States
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Mobile Development
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Media & Entertainment
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Objective – C


Magora Systems’ team had a wonderful experience of collaborating with the singer, music producer and a music band member Sean Patwell. He has always dreamt of having something reminiscent of a portable vocal recording studio. Sean came up with an idea to create an iPhone app that will record your voice over music and share the results. So we got down to work to make his ideas happen!


This app was both fun and engaging to work on. Magora Developers applied some of the latest sound programming technologies (Amazing Audio Engine, Magical Record, and SoundCloudKit) to make this vocal recording tool a truly enjoyable piece of iOS software. Bang Track records your voice any time inspiration strikes and adds beats to it. As a result, you have a music masterpiece, which you can share via Facebook, Twitter and Sound Cloud right away.


A mobile recording studio.
A mobile recording studio.