Aug 31, 2022
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2-3 months
United Kingdom
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Software Development
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InnovoCare is a new application which helps to calculate the true costs of healthcare services for medical centres. When we first met Lars Hegstrom, one of the founders of InnovoCare, we could not imagine where this project would take us. Lars was looking to build a prototype to test the concept of the new tool and showcase it to potential clients. He had an idea to visualise each step of the healthcare delivery process from the point of view of hospital administration.


The client’s initial idea was that this software can be created based on the new technology, such as dynamic trees (d3.js tree diagram). As the first stage, we completed the working model of the application. The prototype was so relevant and important to the client’s needs, that there were several investors ready to provide additional resources to ensure the whole application came to fruition. The Magora team's ideas of implementing the JS at the back-end and using other cutting-edge technologies such as a MognoDB database, Node.js and Angular.js frameworks help to provide the correct solution for this complicated task.


With InnovoCare, the top managers of medical centres can accurately determine ROI for any work period. The app can also be applied to a number of different niсhes. This means that the success of InnovoCare could most certainly translate into improved commerce well beyond the world of medicine.