Sep 08, 2022
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2-3 months
United States
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Event promotion had long been divided across multiple platforms, making it difficult for promoters and anyone interested in attending an event to get a full view of what and who was available and interested in a given area. In this light, a new client came to us with the goal of creating software which would announce nearby events that match a user’s preferences and location, while at the same time functioning as a social network.


Our developers analysed a number of popular multifunctional programs, such as social networks, messengers, and event apps, to create a solution that would provide users with a convenient engine for searching events and the expansive functionality of a social network and structured photo and video gallery. With ShowApp, users can: Consolidate events by interest; Share content and leave comments; Collect and add new photos and videos to any event; Broadcast and view live event photos and videos; and Create public and private events and invite new and existing members to them.


At the moment, ShowApp is completely free for download, and as the client follows their business plan, it will continue to be so until the next stage of monetisation. Over the next 18 months, ShowApp is expected to attract hundred of thousands, if not millions, of users and will follow a monetisation strategy developed by Magora marketers that will incorporate: Development of an in-app ticket purchasing system; Promotion of commercial events and premium accounts. By Year 3, our client can already expect to be earning a profit of $500,000 annually.