Mar 03, 2023
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Building a Responsive UX To Facilitate Real-Time Updates & Enhance Customer Service

4-6 months
United States
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The client had a web application that consolidated product and customer information from multiple sources and provided real-time updates through its dashboard to thousands of contractors working with OEMs. However, contractors faced inconvenience in checking for updates and notifications, and delayed notifications led to dissatisfied customers, frequent complaints, missed opportunities, and lower profitability. To address this issue, the client could develop a mobile application that would allow contractors to receive real-time updates and notifications on their smartphones. This would offer more convenience and improve the overall experience for customers. Additionally, the client could optimize the web application's speed to ensure timely notifications.


We developed mobile-friendly dashboards that provided a 360-degree view of the customer stats. Insights on equipment age, service revenue generated, top item category, parts revenue, etc., can be easily pulled up for trends analysis. To make information retrieval even easier, we built the search feature for users to quickly find the reports they wanted. ○ Granular Reports ○ In-app Search Bar ○ Analytics at your Fingertips ○ Friction-free User Experience


✔️We built a highly intuitive app suiting the needs of the end-users. ✔️Due to the contractors receiving instant push notifications, the number of missed requests for reinstallations and replacements has been reduced to zero. ✔️The app has a minimalistic and simple design so that it is easy to use and convenient. ✔️With a dedicated team to the project, we provided a faster pace of development as the in-house team lacked time and expertise. ✔️Real-time updates from multiple ERPs and CRMs are consolidated on the dashboard in one place. ✔️OEM partners of the client are now always on top of the developments on the installed bases. ✔️The client has reported an overall improvement in customer service due to transparency in data.
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