Mar 03, 2023
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Building Custom Media Management SaaS Product Under 12 Weeks

Building Custom Media Management SaaS Product Under 12 Weeks

2-3 months
South Africa
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The founders of Buzzz Media, an automated media management SaaS platform for end-to-end management of advertisements on different channels. They hired external developers through freelancing websites to build the product. Buzzz Media aims to provide a unified system for managing ad campaigns, optimizing budgets, monitoring analytics, ensuring compliances, and strategizing for better results. They had started the product development process. But the project was deserted as soon as it began due to a conflict of interest between founders and developers. The founders were now looking for someone to pick up where the previous developers had left and mend the existing code.


○ We carried out an end-to-end discovery workshop with the stakeholders. ○ It spanned two weeks, depending on where the client was with their code and how much the system was built. ○ This workshop enabled us to deeply analyze the existing tech stack, workflows, code organization, architecture, backlog, and more. ○ The workshop's output was a blueprint that enabled both teams to map out a detailed short-term roadmap of 90 days, coupled with a roadmap of 180 days for the long term


✔️We resolved the previous issues, developed various features, and integrated third-party tools. ✔️Buzzz Media now has a secure database that is accessible from all domains. ✔️We changed Buzzz Media's commission from yearly to monthly for each user's product advertisement flow plan, ensuring timely payment. ✔️The drop-off percentage decreased by 50% ✔️We saved time, resources & increased maintainability by writing reusable code & normalizing the database. ✔️Our developers helped Buzzz Media go live with the product's first version in 12 weeks by structuring things out. ✔️We shaped the final product by helping them find product-market fit via iterative user feedback.