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Apr 03, 2021
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Mr. Brown

4-6 months
India, Lucknow
Service categories
Service Lines
Web Development
Domain focus
Retail and Restaurants


Challenge 1 Mr Brown Bakery is present in several cities and different stores have different kinds and amounts of products. So a different online store was created for each store. But the requirement was to have a single link like “” for all the stores. Challenge 2 Another challenge was to limit the placement of orders on the basis of order placement time.If the time of order placement is after 4 PM (or as specified), then instead of placing the order immediately, the user should be notified the order won’t be delivered that day.


Solution 1 A city selector modal was created using css and javascript. The modal was then integrated in the home page of the site. Upon opening the link of the site, a popup(modal) appears that asks the user to select their city from a dropdown list. Solution 2 There is an extension that At the time of order placement, Customer will get an option to select the following: • Customers picks delivery date. • Customers picks delivery time. • Customers can also leave comment.


The Result The website is soon to be published online. We firmly believe that this website will tremendously help users to order delicacies sitting at their home, and hence increasing the sales of Mr. Brown Bakery. This is just a beginning and we already have a pipeline of new features that we’re prioritising with the client for the next version.