Nov 09, 2023
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A Powerful Full-Service Real Estate Tools for Lead Generation

4-6 months
Service categories
Service Lines
Software Development
Domain focus
Real Estate
Programming language
React Native


We had to overcome the following challenges to complete this house selling app development: πŸ”· The project was converted from a website built with Phalcom PHP, an old framework frequently used in 2012. πŸ”· We reached out to a developer who has expertise in Phalcom PHP to help us get to the bottom of the problem. πŸ”· There was no one in the development team that had ever worked with Phalcon PHP before so it was really challenging in the first stages of the project.


Our primary focus in completing this real estate project is to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies. We'll utilize the Google API to enhance location-based services and streamline property information access for users. Rocket Chat will be integrated to facilitate real-time communication and support for both clients and team members. With PHP as our programming language and a combination of React Native, Phalcon, and Laravel frameworks, we'll ensure a robust and responsive platform that caters to diverse user needs. πŸ”· Technology: API Google, Rocket Chat πŸ”· Programming Language: PHP πŸ”· Framework: React Native, Phalcon, Laravel πŸ”· Management tool: Jira πŸ”· Management Methodology: Agile


The website was released successfully by Newwave Solutions, while the mobile app got a bit of trouble on the first release. However, after that, Newwave Solutions fixed and improved. As a result, the bounce rate of mobile users decreased by 12%, while session duration and pages/session saw a slight increase.