Feb 15, 2022
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Publicly traded Health & Wellness IoT Company

Publicly traded Health & Wellness IoT Company

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We had to grow the in-house QA team from almost nothing, supporting multiple IoT hardware products across dozens of major feature focused software releases. Needless to say, the budget for growing the team was hampered by the pandemic, so the company was looking for a low cost way to manage this without resorting to using an overseas team when every minute of communication is important.


Outpost QA assigned a group of testers to integrate with the clients developers and existing QA team, and with the help of our internal project manager, we were quickly up to speed on the products, the software, and most importantly, the people working on the project. This helped us move quickly and enabled the client to release dozens of software releases and new hardware products without worrying about defects being released to their customers.


Our team based in Mexico now manages the entirety of the manual testing operation, which frees up the US team to focus on more strategic and tactical work. We continue to add new QA engineers to support this client, including automation and security test engineers. The client has total confidence in our ability to scale and provide excellent work at a cost that makes their finance team happy!