Jul 09, 2024
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AI-Boosted Ad Creation Tool

AI-Boosted Ad Creation Tool

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Advertising & Marketing


An AdTech software development startup client approached us seeking assistance in enhancing the creativity and efficiency of ad campaign creation for marketing agencies. They wanted to tackle a few key issues often faced by marketers: - Time-consuming manual work and endless team meetings when it comes to building and optimizing ad campaigns; - A lack of automation in various stages of website scanning, topic and keyword extraction, campaign parameter generation, creative design, and ad publishing; - Insufficient performance of ad campaigns.


The ad generator enhanced by AI boosts ad campaigns by performing a series of continuously repeated actions, as described below: 1. Scouring websites, creating sets of ad campaign parameters, and launching ad campaigns. 2. Analyzing statistics and refining ad delivery strategies. 3. Making ongoing ad adjustments based on audience response. 4. Fine-tuning bids using real-time analytics.


What are the tactics that Oxagile has chosen to let an AI ad maker work without a hitch? Here they are: - Focusing on one main ad channel - Using pre-built modules for crawling and generating ad creatives - Utilizing GPT-like tools to extract key topics - Setting bidding strategies with pre-defined tactics and targeting parameters