Oct 26, 2023
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Employee Engagement Platform for FocalPointsAI

more 1 year
United States, Denver
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The challenge in this project was to enhance communication and collaboration among agents and their teams while leveraging the capabilities of FocalPointsAI, a powerful tool for analyzing interaction data. Agents often struggle to organize their work and develop their skills effectively, while leaders needed a way to identify and focus on skills that directly impacted business outcomes. The company wanted to improve overall organizational health and streamline the management of interactions for their teams.


Softshark and FocalPointsAI collaborated to create a portal tailored to address these challenges. The portal integrated FocalPointsAI's data analysis to offer insights into interactions, enhance agent skills, and help leaders focus on skills linked to business success. It also improved team collaboration and provided managerial insights.


The project led to improved agent productivity, better business outcomes, streamlined communication, enhanced managerial efficiency, and an overall healthier company. It successfully addressed the initial challenges by offering data-driven solutions and skill development opportunities for agents and leaders alike.
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