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Custom software development(Mobile & Desktop app)

TechTik LLC is based on an international software development group in Cheyenne, Wyoming with high quality and dedicated experience in designing and developing massive web-, mobile, and desktop apps.
We can provide a broad variety of software consulting and development services. Due to our international team, we are able to work flexible and collaborate with any type of team.
Learning and educating ourselves more and more in agile methodologies helped us to improve our development process.

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Also, get 30% discount on the first project.

Our main services :
— Desktop Applications: We are capable of developing any scale SaaS applications for both macOS, Windows, and Linux.

— Mobile Applications: Our team is capable of developing any scale mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Web Applications: TechTik team is capable of developing any scale responsive web applications and Business Email services.

— Software User-experience design: Finding the best solutions to improve the comfort and profitability of the software.

— Software User-interface design: Designing a minimalistic and bright interface for any software, based on its target market.

TechTik Follow-up services :

— 6 months quality guarantee after product delivery
— Prototyping (Ui&Ux) is FREE, in this way the customer is assured about the -
— product that will be developed by TechTik Team.
— 6 months of Consulting services
— Update and improvement services for different SaaS platforms, mobile applications, desktop applications, and web applications.

Custom software development(Mobile & Desktop app)

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United States, Cheyenne
2232 Dell Range Blvd
+1 (307) 242-6664

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