Mar 26, 2021
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AT&T M2M leadership saw an opportunity to reduce compression in their embedded system connectivity margins through development of developer friendly tools and services that would enable startups and enterprises alike to rapidly, design, build and take to market next-generation connected device solutions. That’s where Theorem came in. AT&T needed a partner that could take them on a journey from research and discovery to strategy definition and then to delivery of a complete network-grade globally scaleable platform.


Together we created a vision for a set of loosely coupled core products and services including a time-series data store, device management layer, data visualization engine, and notification service, that could be leveraged individually or altogether to build a complete IoT solution. This vision would eventually expand to include a set of vertical specific AT&T device management and business intelligence services like AssetTrack.


To tap into a global community of software engineers — a critical audience for product testing and feedback — we deployed the first production release within 30 days of kickoff and tested it in the wild with a series of hackathons attended by thousands of developers over the first 6 months. We wrote a suite of client libraries for a wide-range of hardware platforms and languages — both open source and from manufacturers including Intel, ARM, and Texas Instruments. These libraries accelerated development of native solutions for low-level, low-power embedded systems across applications as diverse as automotive, supply chain, wellness, real estate, and asset tracking.