Sep 04, 2023
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HEINEKEN Drinkies Voice Commerce

2-3 months
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WeAreBrain has teamed up with HEINEKEN Netherlands to create an exciting new Voice skill functionality to their Heineken Drinkies beer ordering app. Now you can order beer anywhere, anytime through a sophisticated Voice application using Google Assistant via mobile or smart home devices. Smart Speakers boom Currently, the Smart Home market share in the Netherlands is estimated at $900m and is expected to grow to $1.7 billion by 2023. With Heineken Drinkies being available on Google Assistant and Smart Speakers it has opened up a new market, allowing for larger distribution with reduced marketing spend. Added to this, there is little competition in this new area yet. It is therefore easier to promote, as opposed to traditional app and online channels.


Consumers can place orders quickly while multitasking, like cooking dinner or when they’re out with friends, while also being able to setup reminders for re-orders. Ordering beer online has never been this fun and easy. Just place your order through the Voice app, add items to your cart and pay upon checkout - that’s it.


The process has been made easy for customers by using Actions on Google SDK, powered with DialogFlow API. TypeScript via Node.js is used in the front-end, as an intelligent routing application for calling the suitable scenario engine of the platform. enables connections between the Heineken Drinkies app in order to target the action of a customer’s conversational request. via Actions on Google supports UI-based interactions through mobile devices, as well as Voice-only Google Home devices.